The MediaJustice Network Fellowship is an 8-month political education and skill-building intensive that builds the leadership of the next generation of media and digital justice organizers, educators, and advocates.

Fellows will develop and contribute to an intersectional media justice lens to the current media and technology landscape of monopoly ownership, the digital divide, racialized disinformation, and surveillance. A critical focus on current and emerging movement strategies to combat these issues will be a core component of the fellowship. 

In addition, each Fellow will work on a project with the support of a mentor that applies the skills and analysis from the fellowship in real time using transformative media organizing principles and frameworks. Projects are aimed to support long-term power-building in the fight for a future where we are all connected, represented, and free.

Applications require a letter of nomination by an organization in the MediaJustice Network. The letter should address why the organization chose to nominate this individual, outlining the individual's relationship to the organization, their demonstrated leadership, and what the organization believes the applicant will be able to contribute to the organization and movement at large if selected.

Other criteria includes:

  • Commitment  to attend all dates and work on a project as outlined in the overview;
  • Demonstrated investment in BIPOC and working class communities;
  • Clarity on how the fellowship will benefit the nominating organization and individual.

In addition, applicants should have a demonstrated commitment to a particular sector of the MediaJustice movement, such as (but not limited to):

  • Independent and Community Media;
  • Cultural Organizing;
  • Community & Movement Technology;
  • Strategic Communications and Narrative Strategy;
  • Youth Media;
  • Media/ Digital Policy